WES ClassroomKeep Monroe County Beautiful has the distinction of being the first in the state to develop an education plan to teach students about littering and recycling by bringing them to a recycling center.

As the plan developed, the title “Waste Education Station” was suggested by TNSWEP educator, Brenda Lee, who has been a long time volunteer for KMCB. Monroe County provided a building at the Madisonville Convenience Center and the work began. Classes from Monroe County and Sweetwater City began coming to WES for a class on how to prevent littering and how to recycle. As a part of the program, students were taken on a tour of the center.

WES ClassroomThe KMCB Coordinator and area volunteers teach these classes and also take the WES program into the schools. Since its inception in 1994, KMCB has educated more than 18,000 school children. The result has been a decrease in littering and a new surge of citizens who recycle. Parents, grandparents and others have stated that they would not be using the centers were it not for their child attending a WES class.

Kids at WESThe resulting increase in traffic at the centers has made taking the children on a tour impossible. It is just too dangerous. The safety of the children is our most important concern. However, through contributions and grants, videos of the centers are being made to show the children how to recycle. Although the WES program was originally designed to be presented in our on-campus classroom, the program has reached new heights by being presented to schools, businesses, organizations and churches in their chosen locations. KMCB will present a program anywhere. Just call to arrange a date and time.